Chengdu MolyPlus Technologies Limited embarks on molybdenum mining, molybdenum recycling,
molybdenum manufacturing as well as trading of Moly and other rare metals on the global basis.


Founded in 2003 as recycler of Moly, we have grown and prospered to a world-known manufacturer of Moly , specializing at recycling Moly from different types of material by our unique hydrometallurgical process. Based on our own Molybdenum ores and reliable source of global sourcing raw material, we have developed multiple facilities and offices in Asia.

In 2004, our first plant was built in Guanghan city, being designed to meet high standard of oversea customers.

In 2007, we acquired an Moly ore with 200,000 tons of Moly reserve.

In 2008,Our Vietnam plants, located in Haiphong, were put into production and have been operating in full capacity at 4800 tons of Moly Oxide annually.

Our subsidiary, MolyPlus (Hong Kong) Ltd., plays an important role as global trading platform, developed diversity of our business and connections to international cooperation partners.

Aiming to become the leading company in the Molybdenum industry, we are dedicated to fulfill our social and environmental responsibility, promote company culture, and provide world-class service.