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Molyplus is a privately held corporation headquartered in Chengdu China, with production bases in China、Vietnam and Thailand, operation office in Hong Kong, and purchasing office in Los Angeles, United States. Since it’s incorporation in 2003, it has been focusing on molybdenum mining, producing technical Molybdenum Trioxide, as well as trading Roasted Molybdenum Concentrates on the global basis. It has been continuously one of a few producers who are officially granted export quotas of Molybdenum products by Chinese government since the year of 2008. The number of producers with export quota has been reduced to 14 in 2011, while there were 34 in 2008.

Based on its own molybdenum ores and reliable source for Mo-bearing spent catalysts, Molyplus has grown and prospered and now is the greatest manufacturer and exporter of Molybdenum Trioxide produced via hydrometallurgical processing in China. Its leading position was considerably enhanced when its processing facilities in Haiphong, Vietnam
were put into production in early 2008. Even though it has been operating at full capacity, the Haiphong facility was unable to keep up with increasing demands from our long-term clients in Europe and Asia. Now that we are associating with facilities in Thailand, our combined efforts enable us to fulfill those increasing demands.

Its subsidiary, Molyplus (HK) Ltd., plays a supplementary role by sourcing Roasted Molybdenum Concentrates from domestic and oversea market to meet customers’specific requirements.

Molyplus sells most of its products on long term contracts to Asia and Europe, including Japan, Korea, India etc.. It would welcome negotiations to offer all customers either a price formula based upon a recognized publication or a price on spot sale.

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